Be Your Own Media

In previous posts, I’ve offered 10 Tips to get a reporter to cover your story and 5 ways to get media coverage for your small business.  But what if despite all of your efforts, you can’t get a reporter to call you back?   Sometimes, what seems like the best human interest story can be passed up by the media.  This isn’t because the news media only wants to focus on ‘bad news’ as some may say.  Television stations, in particular are limited by the clock.


Local television stations only have a certain number of newscasts each day and are obligated to devote the majority of this time to whatever breaking or timely news has occurred that day.   When you subtract commercials, a thirty minute show only has 18- 21 minutes of content.   That leaves precious minutes, even seconds of available time for local, human interest stories.  Entire marketing departments with hospitals and other non- profit organizations know this to be true.

So what do you do when a reporter says, “I’m sorry, this is a great story but we just can’t cover it.” This is when social media becomes a game changer. 


Small businesses and organizations can be their own media outlet.  You can create your own content and engage customers in a way like never before.  Here’s how:

  1.  First and foremost, your business or organization should be on social media.  Here’s a newsflash:  Social media is not a passing fad.  If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, hurry up, or your business may get left behind.
  2. Build your following on social media.  Invite friends, ask your friends to invite their friends, and utilize promotional opportunities to expand your reach.
  3. Create content.  Create content.  Create content.  This is an opportunity for you to stay in front of your followers and most importantly to build client loyalty.
  4. Make your content shareable.  In order to do this, remember, it has to be worth sharing.  Consumers are getting increasingly sophisticated and bombarded with social media posts.  Be creative so your posts stand out.  They should be engaging and informative.  It’s worth the extra thought, because when your followers share your content, it draws more eyes to your brand and ultimately increases the number of followers and customers you have.
  5. Think like a media source.  Your content should be diverse:  images, articles and video can all be used.  Vary your presentation for increased interest.

Of course, any opportunity you have to get media attention is great.  That coverage can and should be posted on your social media.  But when it comes to promoting your small business or organization, think like a reporter and tell your story.   You’ll generate new leads and build customer loyalty 365 days out of the year.  And that’s a benefit any brand will LIKE.